Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher


Making our Clients Heard

Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher offers two decades of experience in direct involvement with state and local government. We seek to create strategic and targeted messages delivered by appropriate messengers to help our clients meet their specific objectives.

Whether it's working behind the scenes with decision-makers or mounting a grass roots campaign to rally the public behind your cause — we help our clients succeed throughout the political process, not become a victim of it.

In addition, bringing clients together with business leaders, environmentalists, neighborhood activists, elected officials and the media to resolve controversy is one of our proven areas of expertise.

Our approach includes:

  • Quick Access to Decision-makers
  • Risk Assessment and Situation Analysis
  • Government Affairs Counsel
  • Analysis of Existing and Pending Laws and Regulations
  • Coalition and Grass Roots Building
  • Corporate Contribution Counsel
  • Formal Presentations
  • Negotiation and Advocacy

Our Clients